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Past Webinars

We also design, develop and present a wide variety of webinars on Compensation and Human Resource topics on behalf of major sponsors. Here is a list of those we prepared and presented in the past, which you can purchase through Train HR or HR Hero:​

• Compensation Transparency: Examines newly proposed "Compensation Transparency" laws that could lead to "pay rate posting" and new hire pay rate setting without the benefit of pay history.


• Using Regression Analysis in Compensation: This webinar outlines how to build a pay structure with regression analysis, also how to test and integrate your employee pay rates into the new pay structure.


• Using Statistics in Compensation: Addresses the statistics behind pay program design and administration, from the design of pay structures through the analysis of pay survey data.


• Executive Compensation: Targets participants who are new to Executive Compensation who will benefit by this overview of the Executive Compensation Program in companies of all types, which highlights the "do's and don'ts" when managing Executive Compensation.


Compensation for Non-Compensation Experts

Building Pay Structures without Regression Analysis 

How To Build Pay Structures Using Regression Analysis

Assessing Market Pay Competitiveness

How to Conduct Pay Surveys

Designing Incentive Compensation Programs That Work

Job Analysis: The First Step in Pay Program Design

Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Creating Pay Grades and Job Value

Creating Market Based Pay Structures

An Overview of Executive Compensation

Compensation Boot Camp

Compensation Program “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Smart Compensation Decision Making

Solving Pay Program Problems

How To Design a Formal Pay Program

Designing Effective Merit Pay Programs

Compensation Strategies for Small Businesses

Basic Statistics for Compensation Programs

Supportive Compensation Strategies for Managing Performance

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