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David J. Wudyka, HR & Compensation Professional

Since the firm was founded in 1983 by David J. Wudyka, an HR and Compensation professional with more than 25 years of experience, we have worked with a variety of clients in numerous industries, particularly the manufacturing and services industries. Some of the clients we have assisted include the Raytheon Company, Johnson & Johnson, A. T. Cross, CVS, Warner-Lambert, and Swarovski. As a result of this experience, we have developed specific knowledge and expertise in several industries, like high technology, health care, home health, human services, and retailing. Click Here to learn more about David J. Wudyka.

Our work for these and many other clients often involves the development of formal compensation programs, ranging from job analysis through incentive plan design. In addition, we are often called upon by these same clients to train and develop their supervisors and managers in effective performance management techniques. Therefore, when you retain Westminster Associates, you'll only need one firm for all your pay program and training consultation needs.

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We're also interested in the ways in which the contribution of the Human Resource Department can be enhanced. One option is to outsource traditional HR functions to allow the HR Department to devote more time to more meaningful activities for the benefit of the organization. Another includes the introduction of innovative methods and programs for improving organizational performance. These methods include competency and role-based evaluation plans, team incentive plans, team design, leaderless organization design, and alternative reward strategies like Skill-Based Pay and contemporary Gainsharing plans.

These are just a few examples of our services and interests. To learn even more about Westminster Associates, we encourage you to explore the rest of our web site. We're confident you'll discover that we offer the experience, expertise and services to serve as your strategic partner and to develop and implement programs that produce the results and value you expect.

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