Project Profiles

An Automotive Retail Service Organization

“As a retail service organization in the automotive industry, we’d like you to create pay structures across the U.S., including a “core structure,” upon which we can base our regional pay structures. We also want you to consider the effects of higher minimum wage levels by state.”

Minimum wage levels have been increasing across the U.S., in some cases dramatically (e.g. Massachusetts, California). This “upward pressure” has an effect not only upon pay structures, but upon “real” pay rates that reside within them. We designed new pay structures for this Massachusetts-based company, while considering the effect of both minimum wage rates and internal pay rates. We advised them in their implementation strategy which included strategic pay raises and a small consolidation of job classifications to produce a more meaningful job family hierarchy.   

Home Improvement Products Manufacturer

“Can you build a “first-time” pay structure while preserving the results of our Job Evaluation process in both our U.S. and Canadian locations?”


That’s what we did for an organization with locations in Nashville, TN and Montreal, Canada. Using market survey data, we were able to develop the pay structure that preserved the existing results of jobs by their grade levels. We also addressed the challenging fact that both exempt and nonexempt job classifications were evaluated using the same Job Evaluation Plan. Our approach minimized the need for pay adjustments with the implementation of the new pay structure. 

Manufacturer of Medical Devices

“Is it possible to “train in” quality?” 


That’s what we were asked to do for a famous maker of orthopedic devices. We created an innovative “train the trainer” program for in-house trainers to improve the way in which they communicated critical operational methods and processes. When performed properly, these methods and processes were known to translate into improved product quality. Better training, better quality!

A Non-Profit Family Service Agency


There is no non-profit industry pay survey in our geographic location of southern New Rngland. Can you design and conduct one for our sub-industry of the non-profit sector?”


The best pay surveys are “geographic by industry.” We have conducted numerous industry pay surveys in many locations around the U.S. The key to conducting an effective pay survey is in the process itself. We guided the Client to understand what makes a pay survey successful, and then compiled the results of their sponsored survey confidentially and securely.

As human resource and compensation consultants, we have completed projects for a variety of local, regional & national companies & organization since 1988. Here are just a few examples of our work .

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